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“To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.” – Anita Roddick.

For me this is paper craft.

There is something almost indescribable about sitting down at my desk with some card stock, perhaps some ribbon, my favourite stamps and watching a vision that has been quietly whispering to me for days come to life before me.

Card making and scrap booking has been such an important part of my life for so many years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing where it has taken me.

From the early years of plenty of colour and bold embellishments, my style has changed and developed over the years with me and I now believe I am more about embracing white space and bringing the card to life with small pops of colour.

When you have a real devotion to card making, every day is another opportunity for research as you look at the world around you, how colours and patterns fit together, sentiments that bring a tear to a person’s eye and just what a difference a beautiful card can make to people of all ages.

Paper craft has allowed me to brave and bold, to put my work out there to the world through social media and embrace others thoughts on my work.

Just as I take pleasure in viewing other paper crafters websites and seeing their different styles and techniques, I am happy that my own following has grown considerably.

When I first began sharing a little something exquisite with the special family and friends in my life, this passion has grown to be so much more.

There will always be that time that I look to my children and their friends and make a fun little colourful card to make them smile, but there are other times when I have a strong vision of what I want to produce and the end result is simply breathtaking.

Paper craft – it is something that I just can’t help but continue to revere.

It is something that I think about so many times throughout the day and to create is to bring forth something that will touch the hearts of many and be forever enjoyed.